If you want to stomp your competition, now’s the time to unleash a VIXEN! That’s me, Robin LaButti…..AKA the social media charmer.
Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I moved to Tulsa when I was 30 years old to marry my sweetheart. In my previous life, I was a very successful hospital rep who worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. I can thank the awesome managers who saw my drive to succeed and placed me in three of the top sales training programs in the country. I was eager to pounce on the challenge and kicked some serious butt back in the day. As a result, I always landed in the top 5% in the company. Let’s just say, I am a very “results-driven” sort of creature.

Back to the move to Tulsa. My husband was starting his medical practice, and with all the amazing marketing experience I had gained, I was a natural to help him grow his practice. Fast forward 11 years later, I’m still managing all aspects of his marketing, and his volume continues to grow every year despite an over-saturated market of orthopedic surgeons.

Several years ago, I started “dabbling” with social media for his practice and was extremely overwhelmed with everything.  I interviewed countless firms to help develop a plan and get me on the right path.  I quickly discovered they:

A. Couldn’t produce a plan;
B. Couldn’t tell me exactly what they were going to do;
C. Demanded an outrageous fee that I couldn’t justify.  Sound familiar? Well, that’s when my “inner vixen” kicked in and I knew it was time to let my animal instinct take over. Not only did I start classes, I had several friends who were more than happy to let me practice my new skills to grow their businesses utilizing social media. My efforts were hugely successful and led me to launching Vixen Social Media.

So, here I am today. I absolutely love working with small companies to help them grow their business using social media. Whether you need a one-time consultation, or someone to manage 100% of your social media, I’m your vixen! Yes, I know there are many social media specialists out there, but I feel my sales and marketing experience bring a unique edge to the small business owner looking to take their business to the next level.

I partner with one of the best media buying firms in Tulsa if you need assistance with print, TV or radio. I am also well-versed in navigating and maximizing contracts and negotiations. Plus, I have an excellent web designer/SEO firm that does a fantastic job if you’re looking to give your website a facelift. Surprisingly, you will love my pricing packages because every small business owner can afford me!

So, come on and join the fox who thinks outside of the box. It won’t be long before you see for yourself that Vixen Social Media is a breed apart.


  • Certified Social Media Specialist – E-Marketing Association of America
  • Certified Hootsuite Specialist
  • Mari Smith’s Extreme Fan base Growth- 21 Insanely Effective Ways to Expand Your Facebook Impact
  • Social Media Examiner’s Small Business Social Media Summit

WILD about Vixen Social Media!

Following are just a few testimonials from my clients:

“I have to say I get so overwhelmed with ALL the social media activities and miss out on what they offer. When I heard about Vixen Social Media and what Robin LaButti could possibly do for me… I jumped at the chance to work with her. She was extremely creative and organized…two things I struggle with. Within an hour of our last session, I sold product to a customer who saw a post we made together….PLUS my contacts and connections started flying in! Robin takes the time to get to know your needs and customizes a plan that works specifically for you. If I can do this with Robin’s help… anyone can. I can’t wait to have another session!”

Gabriel Horn, Medical Aesthetician

“I can personally attest to professionalism, knowledge, wit and PATIENCE! Had a great time with her setting up my professional Facebook page! Thanks a million!

Dr. Deb Kucharski, Chiropractor

“I gave Vixen Social Media my end-of-year goals, and they were met six months early. Robin has exceeded my expectations tenfold. Social media is the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience these days and Vixen Social Media encompasses the knowledge and commitment to enable a brand to grow and excel.”

Suzanne Maniss- Co-owner of Bella iL Fiore

“I will be the first to admit I was completely against doing any social media for my practice, in fact it probably took Robin 6 months to convince me we need to do this. It was within a few months of starting my Facebook page that I was getting new patients and building an online relationship with my existing patients. I was sold! She has been handling all aspects of my marketing and media buying for the last 11 years and if she tells you “it’s time to turn it up a notch”, take her seriously. She will have your business/practice so busy your head will be spinning!

Dr. Ronald LaButti, Orthopedic Surgeon

Robin has been great for our social media outreach.  She is very creative in the topics she posts and has increased our following.  I would recommend her to anyone who does not have the time or creativity to maintain these very visible faces of a business.

Dr. Stan Stacy, My Doctor Urgent Care