Vixen Social Media Services

OUT with the stress.

IN with a social media strategy that will exceed your wildest dreams.

Allow the vixen to sink her teeth into creating a social media plan that will maximize your online presence, as wells as focus on critical ways to
continually grow your business.

The Plan of Attack

There’s nothing I like better than connecting with customers and, in the
process, creating relationships that will build trust and generate sales. Our first session will be an action-packed “meeting of the minds” in which
we’ll tackle the following goals:

– Assess the marketing needs of your business, both internally and externally.

– Check out what your competition is and isn’t doing.

– Demonstrate how to use social media to create a brand.

– Provide guidance on effective ways to not only increase followers, but turn them into clients, as well.

Provide helpful tips and instruction on how to connect with those who can make a big difference to your business. At the end of our first session, you will totally get the value of blending
social media into your existing marketing plan.


Vixen Social Media’s services are tailored towards small businesses. To
ensure it is a “win- win” for all, new clients are accepted only if we agree it’s a good fit. So, if you are ready to integrate social media into an existing business, or to kick-off a strong launch, we’ll meet for an initial consultation to ensure we’re on the same page. If it’s a “go,” I’ll send over a brief and stress-free assessment to further fine-tune our winning social media strategy.

The initial phase of our social media strategy will involve customizing your unique online presence and establishing a strong influence with your target audience. After the primary implementation of your strategy, we will reassess your needs, as well as develop a monthly maintenance plan.